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How To Get An Exotic Sword In Destiny: The Taken King.To learn how to get a legendary sword in Destiny: The Taken king, please read our legendary sword guide by clicking here. Select one of three swords.

To get the Exotic Sword Questline you must first INFUSE the sword until it reaches 280+ attack. WHEN THE SWORD HITS 280 ATTACK ONE MORE UPGRADE NODE WILL BE ADDED TO THE WEAPON You must also have all the XP nodes on the weapon filled. How to get Exotic Sword in Destiny The Taken King After completing the quest A Broken Will and getting Legendary Sword, Destiny players have a chance to forge their first Exotic sword in The Taken King update. Once your Legendary sword is fully upgraded Speak to Shaxx and start A Sword Reforged quest. You also need to infuse it up to 280 attack ... How to get your Sword! > Destiny | Forums | Each zone I only found 2 chests you could open, so run back and forth after opening two. After getting 25 Hedium Flakes and a couple motes of lights, return to Shaxx. You get to choose between 3 swords all starting at 220 attack value and for all 3 elements. They require 25 of a certain material for a sword.

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Destiny: The Taken King added several new weapons and gear options. One of this is a Sword heavy weapon. This is a unique weapon that requires a quest, so you won't get these from random drops. Destiny 2: How To Get Coldheart Exotic, Plus Other Limited ... Destiny 2: How To Get Coldheart Exotic, Plus Other Limited Edition And Pre-order Bonus Items You'll have to be a bit patient.

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SWORD BETA FRAME. Legendary / Quest Step. A Sword frame with unbalanced heft obtained from Ada-1. Get Multikills with Swords to balance the blade.

Exact Steps to get 3 Exotic Sword quests on your character ... Pick a sword to infuse past 280, and make sure the level is maxed. With that sword, get the quest done up to the point where you need to collect materials. Now infuse and max you other two swords past 280+ Speak with Shaxx to get the other two quests. Collect all materials required for each sword and ability kills. Destiny - Item - World of Warcraft - this sword with crusader is a must for all you paladins out there that crave some decent damage, if crusader and destiny proc thats +300 strength for 8-12 secs, you might get 5 or 6 hits in but you will crit very high

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